Barça, a champion with a record of matches played in European basketball

Never before has a basketball team from the main leagues in Europe played 90 games until the end of their competition season. It is what Barça de Saras Jasikevicius has achieved, that has won 70 games and lost another 20 in total during this 2020-2021 campaign that closed last night with the achievement of the ACB title.

The demanding calendar, the extension of the competition in the Euroleague a couple of years ago and the participation in all the national competitions this course has caused that Barça breaks historic club-level records in Spain and Europe.

The previous season with more commitments for the Catalans was the 2018-2019, with a total of 85 matches played. The Cup and League double, a result that Barça had not achieved since the 2010-2011 season with Xavi Pascual on the bench, he has demanded more than ever physically and mentally from coaches and players.

To get an idea of ​​the challenge, just state that in the 2009-2010 season, Barça played a total of 72 games to win the Super Cup, the Cup and the Euroleague, falling in the ACB Final against Baskonia in 3 games.

If the reduced format of the final Playoff in the Endesa League had not been given due to the pandemic and the Olympic Games, both Barça and Madrid could have approached or even exceeded 100 games in one year.

Real Madrid, which also beat its match record, has finished the year with 87 games played in his fifth season above 80 games. The final balance of Pablo Laso’s pupils has been 64 victories and 23 defeats.

The previous record for whites was in the 2017-18 and 2018-2019 seasons with 83 matches played.

By way of comparison with other great European champions, the Anadolu Efes has played only 71 games this course and the CSKA Moscow played a total of 72 when he won the 2019 Euroleague. Armani milan, Barça rival in the Euroleague semis, reached the 82 games this year.

A true competitive marathon that closes one of the most complicated years for national basketball and sport globally after the great shock of the coronavirus pandemic.

The historical record of the ACB League

Finalist Champion Season

————————————————– ———–

1956-1957 Real Madrid CF Barcelona

1957-1958 Real Madrid C. Youth

1958-1959 CF Barcelona Real Madrid

1959-1960 Real Madrid C. Youth

1960-1961 Real Madrid Orillo Verde Sabadell

1961-1962 Real Madrid CD Youth

1962-1963 Real Madrid Students

1963-1964 Real Madrid Picadero JC

1964-1965 Real Madrid Picadero Damm

1965-1966 Real Madrid Picadero Damm

1966-1967 Kalso Youth Real Madrid

1967-1968 Real Madrid Students

1968-1969 Real Madrid Youth Nerva

1969-1970 Real Madrid Picadero Damm

1970-1971 Real Madrid Joventut Nerva

1971-1972 Real Madrid CF Barcelona

1972-1973 Real Madrid Joventut Schweppes

1973-1974 Real Madrid CF Barcelona

1974-1975 Real Madrid FC Barcelona

1975-1976 Real Madrid FC Barcelona

1976-1977 Real Madrid FC Barcelona

1977-1978 Joventut Badalona Real Madrid

1978-1979 Real Madrid FC Barcelona

1979-1980 Real Madrid FC Barcelona

1980-1981 FC Barcelona Mudespa Students

1981-1982 Real Madrid FC Barcelona

1982-1983 FC Barcelona Real Madrid

1983-1984 Real Madrid FC Barcelona

1984-1985 Real Madrid Ron Negrita Joventut

1985-1986 Real Madrid FC Barcelona

1986-1987 FC Barcelona Ron Negrita Joventut

1987-1988 FC Barcelona Real Madrid

1988-1989 FC Barcelona Real Madrid

1989-1990 FC Barcelona RAM Joventut Badalona

1990-1991 Montigalá Joventut FC Barcelona

1991-1992 Montigalá Joventut Real Madrid

1992-1993 Real Madrid Teka Marbella Joventut

1993-1994 Real Madrid Teka FC Barcelona BC

1994-1995 FC Barcelona BC Unicaja

1995-1996 FC Barcelona Bc Caja San Fernando

1996-1997 FC Barcelona bC Real Madrid Teka

1997-1998 TDK Manresa Tau Ceramic

1998-1999 FC Barcelona Caja San Fernando

1999-2000 Real Madrid Teka FC Barcelona

2000-2001 FC Barcelona Real Madrid

2001-2002 Tau Ceramics Unicaja

2002-2003 FC Barcelona Pamesa Valencia

2003-2004 FC Barcelona Adecco Students

2004-2005 Real Madrid Tau Ceramic

2005-2006 Unicaja Tau Ceramic

2006-2007 Real Madrid Winterthur FC Barcelona

2007-2008 Tau Cerámica AXA FC Barcelona

2008-2009 Regal FC Barcelona Tau Ceramics

2009-2010 Caja Laboral Regal FC Barcelona

2010-2011 Regal FC Barcelona Gescrap Bizkaia

2011-2012 FC Barcelona Regal Real Madrid

2012-2013 Real Madrid FC Barcelona Regal

2013-2014 FC Barcelona Real Madrid

2014-2015 Real Madrid FC Barcelona Lassa

2015-2016 Real Madrid FC Barcelona Lassa

2016-2017 Valencia Basket Real Madrid

2017-2018 Real Madrid Kirolbet Baskonia

2018-2019 Real Madrid Barça Lassa

2019-2020 Baskonia Barça

2020-2021 Barça Real Madrid

– By teams:

Real Madrid: 35 titles

Barça: 19

Youth: 4

Baskonia: 4

Unicaja: 1

Manresa: 1

Valencia: 1

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