Australia shows Djokovic the way out

Novak Djokovic is being held in a quarantine hotel in Melbourne, where he will continue if the authorities do not respond to the demands of his environment so that he is transferred to a more suitable accommodation, waiting for the Federal Court to make a decision on the validity of his visa and his possible deportation next Monday. Meanwhile, the Australian government showed him the way out to return to Serbia. The Minister of the Interior, Karen Andrews, assured that the number one in the world “is not captive” and that “he is free to leave anytime”. “The Border Force will facilitate it,” said the policy that defends the irregularity of the entry of Djokovic, who is not vaccinated. It was the reply to the formal protest presented by the Serbian Foreign Ministry to the Aussie ambassador in Belgrade.

Although it is not official, the reason for the exemption requested by the Balkan tennis player would be that he suffered from COVID in the last six months, an exemption for vaccination that appears in a document sent by the Australian Open to potential participants. The brief contradicts the official rules of the Aussie administration, which does not admit that possibility, as shown by some Letters that were sent by the Government to Craig Tiley, tournament director, who would have made a serious mistake, a possible cause of the bizarre Djokovic case. On the other hand, the lawyer for the communication group News Corp, Justin Quill, believes that the winner of 20 Grand Slams has many options to participate in the first Grand Slam of the year: “I suspect that his lawyers not only want to win the case, but also want to buy time, a moratorium that allows him to stay in the country and compete. They could argue about the appeal for weeks and even months. “

While his family demands that he be released (his mother considers him “a prisoner”), Novak receives a lot of support, some unsuspected, like that of his old enemy Nick Kyrgios. “Despite these memes and headlines, he is one of our great champions, and after all, he is human. Let’s do it better ”, says the Australian tennis player. The PTPA, the association of players parallel to the ATP created by Djokovic himself, ensures that he is well and with eager to give his version of events “in his own words and in due time.”

“Thank you very much to people all over the world for your constant support. I can feel it and it is greatly appreciated,” Nole wrote curtly in an Instagram story. He receives it mainly from his country, which is on a war footing against his retention on the other side of the world. This Thursday it transpired that three tennis players got their waivers accepted. However, Czech Renata Varacova’s visa was revoked and she was sent to the same hotel as Djokovic.

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