Ataman says he would only consider an NBA offer

The only thing for which Ergin ataman I would be willing to leave the Anadolu efes it is because of the prospect of getting his first job at NBA. That’s what the Turkish coach told reporters on a zoom call ahead of the team’s second consecutive trip to the Final four of the Euroleague.

“Mourinho said in his documentary: ‘Although we are professional coaches, we are actually very emotional people. We always create a bond with teams, players and clubs. So, no matter how successful we are, we generally don’t change teams until we get fired. I am with Anadolu
Efes on Europe As long as they don’t fire me But if there is an offer from the NBA, I will consider it, “he said. Ataman.

“After the experience I have with the Anadolu Efes organization, I never thought of moving to another team in Europe,” he added. Ataman. “I am in my country with a Turkish team. Efes and I work harmoniously. I never had such a thought. There is always the question of NBA. Never before in NBA history has a European-born coach started there as a head coach after his success in Europe. If I get an offer, of course I will think about it. “

These last three years and under the command of Ataman, the Efes has become a clear contender for the Euroleague title. After finishing at the bottom of the standings in 2018, the Turkish team reached the final of the Euroleague in 2019 and maintained that momentum in 2020 to be in first place when the coronavirus pandemic led to the abrupt cancellation of the season.

Ataman said Efes will seek to maintain the level despite potentially losing several NBA stars. Vasilije Micic seems tied to the NBA, while Shane Larkin has an opt-out clause.

“We will try to keep Anadolu Efes at the same level for the next two years,” he said. “Our team has been at the top of European basketball for three seasons. We will try to continue like this in the coming seasons ”.

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