Astros can’t win the World Series since stealing signals in 2017

SIf you ask a baseball fan what the best teams are today, Houston wouldn’t be left behind by broad regular-season dominance and consistent playoff involvement, but since the Astros returned to the Fall Classic after the signal theft scandal during their championship in 2017, they have yet to be crowned again after losing to the Braves.

The theft of signals was exposed. The method consisted of use center field videos to identify opponent’s secret strategy in a prohibited use of technology by MLB. The players of the Astros created a code by hitting nearby boats to get the message across his batters and the Major Leagues determined that such a fact existed, in a flock of sanctions to those involved.

A year later, In 2018, the Boston Red Sox defeated the defending champion during the American League Championship Series in just five games, even though the Astros were coming as favorites.

For him 2019, the Astros controlled their division with 107 wins, although they could not do the same in front of Washington Nationals who were proclaimed champions for the first time in its history.

The curse continued for one more season. On 2020 with the Covid-19 situation, the season had to be shortened, That made it easier for the institutions to have a better rest. Only that lThe Astros could not take advantage of it, because in the attempt to win the pennant of his sectr lost to the Rays that in the end they were runners-up when they fell to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The bad taste in my mouth seemed like it was going to finally end. Atlanta does not forget the theft of signals, lThe fans scolded the Astros about his past. It seems that in the end it weighed, because unexpectedly the Braves left with a 3-1 advantage despite the fact that the World Series looked even. Houston lengthened the agony with an extra game that didn’t work out much for him because at home they were crushed in another Fall Classic that goes away of the hands.

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