Astros beat Braves pitchers and rally from a five-run deficit

Lyou Astros are back in the World Series or at least they have life for one more game and all thanks to the punishment that their batters to Braves relievers who managed to overcome a deficit of five races to take the victory.

A job that came off in the second entry where Bregman and Maldonado they pushed their teammates to cut distance 2-4. In the next reel, Correa would hit a double to route to Altuve and Gurriel would do the same to tie the game.

Freeman seemed to quench the awakening of the Astros hitting a solo homer, but the game would be tied with a Minter error that would give the Astros a wheelie run for a walk.

The story would end with Minter suffering with González that would drive two more races to turn the game around.

With this, the Astros are the first team to come back from a deficit of more than four runs or more in a game of life and death in the World Series, since the Angels did it in 2002 in Game 6.

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