Astros and Alex Cora’s Red Sox return to Championship Series following signal theft scandal

Lyou Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox entered the Fall Classic preview to play the American League Championship Series.

The team of Boston got in through the back door with the wild card pass who won against the eternal rival, the New York Yankees after having a season with 92 wins and 70 lost in the East of your sector. Once the duel against the New Yorkers was over, they gave a show about the Rays, which was the team to beat because they were the most regular during the season.

The Astros entered directly with 95 wins to stay at the tip of the West and outscored the White Sox with a wide four-win lead to be the favorite for the series that begins this Friday, October 15 against the Red Sox.

Boston is in the hands of the Puerto Rican Alex Cora who returned after suspension by MLB in all of 2020 for the case of the sign theft in 2017 when he was just part of the Houston Astros team. So serious was the matter that Red Sox were investigated after winning the championship in 2018 for a similar case, although with a different folder than those that happened in Houston.

The signal stealing method appeared when there was a runner on second base. The issue did not end there, because the White Sox, recently dispatched by the Astros, also accused that they stole their signs during the game according to Ryan Tepera, reliever for the White Sox.

Do not forget that Major League Baseball verified the 2017 allegations after determining that Houston used video of a chamber located in the central garden, while players hit trash cans to get the message across to their hitters to figure out what kind of throw the opponents would make

Both manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow were fired. Figure of Cora was stained, although not so much because the Red Sox preferred it about Carlos Mendoza, Don Kelly, James Dowson and San Fuld.

Somehow there is a strange relationship between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox from Alex Cora and now they will see who will be the next guest in a series that the Astros seem to be starting as favorites But as the knockout games go by Boston seems to be coming back to try and win the championship. As additional information, Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 after breaking into the wild card spots and now they want to repeat the feat more than 15 years later.

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