Antonio Martín: “I think we will see between 50 and 70% of the public”

Antonio Martin, president of the Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB), spoke about the possible return of the public to the stands of the pavilions with the start of the new season of the Endesa League.

“Everything we organize we do with an end customer, the fan. When we take away what they most wanted, they feel empty and we feel empty. I am optimistic to think that due to an analysis of the pandemic, the numbers with vaccination allow the return of the public at the beginning of the season, “he said.

“As a professional sport we go with football and the rest of the sport goes the other way. That it has been announced that each Community does that approval, is fine. The exact number will depend. I think we will see between 50 and 70 Minimum% of public on court. If it worsens, it will be more difficult. All indicators encourage us to be optimistic for the beginning of next season, “he added.

Martin attended the presentation of a sponsorship agreement reached with Toyota: “It seems that when the sponsors meet us, they repeat and stay. We want to win over Toyota, let them test us, touch us and that this union last over time. We do not like to work in the short term and Toyota also thinks that way.”

“It gives us a terrible value that a leading brand in sales has decided to bet on us. 25 years ago Toyota decided to be very disruptive, saying ‘this is our path in the automotive industry’. That ability to break the mold, as we do in our sector inspires us, “he explained.

Carsi, President and CEO of Toyota Spain, indicated: “It is a high-level union, we have found a way to express ourselves and seek the common good. It is important to have values ​​and principles, that we unite them and that we be followers of the ACB league just like them Toyota. It will be something very natural, very beautiful. “

“Basketball is one of the great sports in this country. We have seen that basketball is the great sport that comes back again. It will have more pull. We have found it a very nice project,” he said.

“We are looking for a profile that we may not have been addressing until now. Basketball complements the sports strategy we have very well. It is one more added value, looking for a client to whom perhaps we were not providing the necessary attention. It will help us that a different customer profile approaches Toyota “, he stressed.

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