Anteto and Young, doubts for the sixth game

Giannis Antetokounmpo he’s likely to miss the Milwaukee Bucks’ first match-ball at the home of the Atlanta Hawks with qualification for the NBA Finals at stake. The greek player is doubt according to your team’s medical statement. The sixth game can once again be a meeting without the great stars of both teams.

Bring young, who has been on the bench for two games due to an ankle injury, it is also doubt for the match with the Eastern Conference Finals tie 3-2 favorable to the opponent. Bogdan Bogdanovic continues to drag discomfort knee that until now have not prevented him from continuing on the track to help his team.

With everything at stake, it is likely that Young will force something else to try on the court and thus extend the life of Atlanta in these playoffs. According to ESPNDespite his probable loss, Antetokounmpo traveled to Atlanta with the team.

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