Another weekend more summery than autumnal and with little rain

Madrid, Oct 15 (EFE) .- Atmospheric stability will propitiate a new weekend with a stable environment, warmer temperatures than usual in autumn and little rain, except for some isolated showers in the Mediterranean, Galicia and points in the northwest.

The rains at the beginning of this month gave way to a situation of meteorological calm that, according to the predictions of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), will continue in the coming days due to the effects of an anticyclone that prevents the arrival of Spain with Atlantic storms and rainfall.

These high pressures are associated with atmospheric stability: calm, dry weather and few changes in temperatures, which will be cool at night and somewhat higher than usual during the day, said Rubén del Campo, spokesperson for Aemet.

Thus, during the weekend and the beginning of the next, it is unlikely that it will rain in the country, with the exception of some isolated showers on Saturday in the Mediterranean area and some rains between the evening of Saturday and Sunday in the northwest of the peninsula, which could be more intense in western Galicia and more isolated in other parts of the northern half.

Over the weekend “the minimum temperatures will rise and the maximum temperatures will drop a bit,” said Del Campo, who has predicted “a warmer than normal environment in the central hours of the day” with maximums above 30 degrees at points of Andalusia and values ​​on Saturday between 5 and 10 degrees above the usual on these dates in large areas of the country.

At the moment today, Friday, Spain is enjoying anticyclonic weather, with a predominance of clear skies and only some cloudiness in the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean area, which means that weak rains are not ruled out on the Catalan coast and in isolated parts of the Balearic Islands.

As is usual in this season, the dawn of mists and mists in the interior of Galicia and in the eastern half will be followed by the night cold, although less pronounced than in previous days because the minimum temperatures will rise, which will not prevent them from produce frosts in parts of the Pyrenees.

As for the maximum temperatures, they will not change too much this Friday, or perhaps they will rise somewhat in the Mediterranean regions and it is possible that in the Guadalquivir valley and in points of the interior of the Valencian Community they will exceed 30 degrees.

For tomorrow, Saturday, the Aemet expects the stable weather to continue, although without ruling out a scattered stormy shower in the Balearic Islands and in parts of Catalonia and in the afternoon-night it is possible that the cloudiness in Galicia will increase, and even that it will rain to the west of that Community .

In the rest of the Peninsula it will be clear, with morning fog banks in points of the northern third and temperatures that will drop somewhat in the northern Plateau and rise in the southern third.

On Saturday it could freeze slightly in mountain areas, but during the day the Aemet calculates that the maximum 25 degrees will be exceeded in much of the center, the southern half of the peninsula, southern Galicia and the Ebro valley, and it is even possible that exceed 30 or 32 degrees in parts of Andalusia, the Guadalquivir valley and in the province of Malaga.

On Sunday 17 the advance of a frontal system will give rise to rains and some storms in Galicia, which will be more intense in the west in that community and will spread through the Cantabrian and points of the northern Meseta, although they will be less abundant the further east and further south.

There could also be a shower in the Pyrenees, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands and cloudy intervals but without rain in the rest of the country.

The last day of the week night temperatures will rise a lot as a result of the greater cloudiness and temperate winds from the southwest, the Aemet spokesperson assured, while during the day they will rise in the northern third but will drop somewhat in the eastern half of the peninsula. .

On Sunday it is expected that the maximum 25 degrees will be exceeded in Extremadura, west of Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia, south of the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands and Andalusia and that in points of the Guadalquivir the 30 degrees will be reached.

For next week, the Aemet predicts that the weather will follow the same trend, with rains in Galicia that could extend to parts of the Cantabrian and the northern plateau, especially on Monday 18, while the rest of the country will not expect rainfall during the first half.

As for temperatures, high values ​​will be recorded for the time of year next Monday and Tuesday, with maximums above 25 degrees in large areas of the country and more than 30 in the Guadalquivir valley, and it could even touch that figure in points of the eastern Cantabrian coast on the 19th.

In the Canary Islands, slightly cloudy or clear skies will predominate, with cloudy intervals on the islands of greater relief; Loose or moderate trade winds will blow and temperatures will rise, especially on Sunday, when it is possible to exceed 30 degrees in large areas of the archipelago, especially in the easternmost part.

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