Anna Gómez: “The pressure must be for Salamanca”

The captain of the Valencia Basket Anna Gomez has indicated that before the third and final meeting of the final of the Women’s League that will play this Thursday (7:00 p.m.) on the track of the Perfumeries Avenida “The pressure” must be for the Salamanca team “by experience and track record.”

“If you see the winners of the last leagues there are them and the Girona but we are not invited. We are not going to make it easy for you, we are the Valencia Basket we come from winning the Eurocup and they will have to win over us ”, he explained in an interview with the Efe Agency.

Gomez He said that they face the match “with enthusiasm and enthusiasm” and ruled out that they may regret having lost the option of proclaiming themselves champions last Sunday before their public at the Fonteta.

“This team has a lot of character and is very competitive. It is very difficult but it is a great challenge to go to Würzburg to try to win the League ”, said Gómez, who pointed out that they deserve this new opportunity.

Regarding the game, the base of the Valencian team stressed that given the equality that has been seen in the four matches that have already played this campaign, they believe that it will be resolved “by small details.”

“It will be key to dominate the rebound, in the second game we were not right, we could not run, which is our game and we also gave them second options but we still had the opportunity to win,” he remarked.

Gomez He also admitted that they were affected by the low percentage in free throws and pointed out that this is “something upside down” and that they must show “confidence.”

The Valencian player highlighted the national bloc that Perfumerías has as well as the work of the coach Roberto Íñiguez. “That makes them a very difficult opponent, they play very well as a team, they have many connections and we must try to cut them,” he concluded.

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