Altuve and Correa decline to go to the All-Star Game … out of fear after the theft of signals?

José Altuve and Carlos Correa are not going to the MLB All Star Game.

TO despite being selected by fans to go to the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, both José Altuve and Carlos Correa of ​​the Houston Astros have decided to decline the invitation.

Both excused family or physical problems, the truth is that Everything points to a certain fear of living with the players to which they carried out the theft of signals in the 2017 season, which unleashed a scandal that did not cost any of the players.

“It is a difficult decision… People voted for me. People want to see me play, but we’ve been trying for a long time to have our first child, and now that it’s finally there. in her womb, I want to be able to spend those days with her, “Correa excused.

For its part, José Altuve pointed out: “I need those four days to have everything right with my leg and be really healthy by the second half because I feel like the team needs me 100%. “

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