Alonso, proud despite the lack of competitiveness: “Today’s race was worth two or three”

Fernando Alonso and his trusted physio, Fabrizio Borra

Fernando Alonso and his trusted physio, Fabrizio Borra
Fernando Alonso and his trusted physio, Fabrizio Borra
XPB / James Moy Photography Ltd.

Fernando Alonso was not in constant points positions throughout the career of the Emilia Romagna GP. Although he entered the finish line in 11th position, he finished 10th due to a penalty to Kimi raikkonen, the truth is that he was surpassed during almost all sessions by Esteban Ocon.

Max Verstappen celebrates his victory at Imola

Verstappen culminates a huge victory over Hamilton, with Sainz 5th and Alonso 10th

The lack of competitiveness of Alpine It explains, in part, that he is not where he thought, although for him it is nothing new. He already lived it in the years of Mclaren honda and, as then, leaves a similar speech.

“I’m happy with how the race went. You have to remember that it is the first race that I finished. These are experiences that remain in my pocket and each lap I take I find myself a little more comfortable with everything. It was important to finish, especially with these difficult conditions. Today’s race has been worth two or three in terms of experience, “he summed up in words to DAZN.

Although the fans may feel somewhat dissatisfied with this return, Alonso gets a much more positive reading, especially since they have had very little time to work in the preseason.

Esteban Ocon, in front of Fernando Alonso in Imola

Alpine’s truck does not justify Ocon being ahead of Alonso

“I keep everything for a bit. The difficulty of the start, of interpreting the track conditions. We had three days in Bahrain and they put you in the world championship. It’s like going to an Olympiad without training. Imagine all the things we have learned in the first laps (of Imola). Many things that have happened today are the only way to train them. I wasn’t as comfortable on lap 1 as lap 63“He confessed, before thinking about what comes next, in which there will be three weeks off.” Now we have a racing binge. It will be good for us to continue improving and adapting and see if that way we can add the first points, “he settled optimistically, before knowing that the punishment to Raikkonen was going to allow him to add them now.

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