Alonso already rubs his hands for the next season: “In 2022, dreaming is free”

Fernando Alonso, at a press conference

Fernando Alonso, at a press conference
Fernando Alonso, at a press conference

Fernando Alonso was witnessed to the media this Thursday, in a act of his team, Alpine, held in Barcelona, ​​where he was asked about various topics of the automotive news. From his perspective for this year to his hopes for the next one, the two-time world champion left nothing out of the question and once again showed his ambitious character.

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The Asturian wanted to highlight the unpredictability of this season and how each race can be completely different. “Although you know that the positions are quite defined, you know every weekend there may be a surprise, positive or negative; and you hope that you are the one who gives the positive surprise, “said ‘Magic’.

“I think that it’s going to be tight, in what is the title; and in what is not the title, “replied Alonso, owner of the 32 victories that Spain has throughout its history in Formula 1.” Now, for example, the last two races, in Austria, in the same circuit Ferrari was strong the first week and more normal the second. And we much better the second, in which we could still have opted for the ‘top 5’. There seems to be that little spark on the weekend, “he added.

A spark that can explode the next Grand Prix, where the already famous ones will be introduced ‘sprint classifications‘, about which Alonso was not entirely confident, but that he likes. “We’ll see how it goes at Silverstone and You have to do some retouching yourself. I see the format of the chrono on Friday could be improved, because I see it difficult for the ranking to change there. The format must be given a turn for sure, “said Alonso.

Verstappen champion?

Alonso also commented on the “atypical” situation experienced by the head of the classification, with a Intractable Max Verstappen who has ousted Lewis Hamilton of his throne so far in the World Cup. However, Alonso warns that you have to be cautious and not presumed dead a pilot seven times world champion.

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“The preseason was regular for Mercedes, although then they won the first races. But then Red Bull took advantage. You have to be cautious, however; Mercedes can’t be ruled out yet“, said the 39-year-old from Oviedo, who, after two absences, returned to the premier class, and, after finishing tenth last Sunday in the Austrian Grand Prix, in Spielberg, occupies the eleventh place in the championship, with twenty points.

The best will come in 2022

On a more personal level, Alonso was satisfied with the development of the season so far, but remember that the best will come in 2022, where “dreaming is free”. “So far the season has been good, I’m happy with how things have gone so far,” he said.

“We would not be here now if we think that in 2022 we cannot be up”

“When I signed last year and said I was coming back to F1, we all knew that this would be a year of transition; So although there are people who are surprised by it, if this year we are seventh, eighth or ninth, it is normal. By 2022 dreaming is freeOf course you work with that illusion. The rule change can cause the cards to be mixed in the sport, why not us? We wouldn’t be here now if we think that next year we can’t be up“, he assured

The transition from Renault to Alpine

“I think that in the depths of the team almost nothing has changed. 50 percent of the people are the same; the atmosphere is a little different, but there is the same pressure. Although everything is very relaxed and there is a very good atmosphere, “said Alonso at the Renault event.

“What has changed the most is technology, because the world has evolved a lot, too, “he pointed out.” (The factories of) Enstone and Viri have grown a lot in terms of technology, “added Fernando.

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