All 475 tickets sold out for the Valencia-Perfumeries final on Sunday

The pavilion of the Fuente de San Luis will ‘fill’ this Sunday for the second game of the final of the Women’s League between Valencia Baskeyou and him Perfumeries Avenida having already exhausted the 475 entries that the Valencian entity put on sale last Tuesday with a preferred day for its partners from last season.

After his triumph on Thursday in Salamanca, the Valencia could be proclaimed champion of the Spanish league for the first time in its history if it repeats triumph at home.

The capacity that was established for last week’s semifinal match against the Spar Girona It was five hundred spectators and although at the moment it is the one available for this meeting, as Efe learned, the club has initiated negotiations with the health authorities to try to ensure that the maximum number of spectators possible can attend without breaching the current health restrictions by covid-19.

In addition to the tickets for sale, the capacity that is finally established will be completed with a couple of dozen collaborators who hold the #EActiBasket card that the Valencian club took out this season at the price of 3,000 euros.

Although initially the match was going to be played at around 8.30 pm (since it had already planned a senior men’s meeting at the Fonteta in the early afternoon), the entity requested and managed to play the match at 12.30 hours to avoid problems with the 10 pm curfew.

In Thursday’s match in Salamanca, the spectators had to leave the pavilion before the extension that defined the match was played in order not to breach that time restriction.

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