Alex Verdugo consumes his good performance with spectacular catch

LThe Boston Red Sox have a difficult visit against the Tampa Bay Raysfor the pass to the next round in search of the long-awaited pass to the World Series after coming in from the wild card game against eternal rival, the New York Yankees.

And perhaps one of the most important pieces of the institution of the East of the America League is Alex Verdugo, baseball player who made the catch of the week at the limit of the home run to catapult his team that wins by nine runs to six at the close of the seventh inning.

Tanner Houck had the pitching turn, moment when he threw the ball that Nelson Cruz impacted on the part of the locals to place a bombshell who narrowly turned into a home run during the sixth inning when there were a couple of strikes and at the limit of the base on balls, but Executioner reached for the ball still behind the mat surrounding the diamond.

The crowd screamed and so the Red Sox continued to win by eight runs to five. But at the end of that sixth inning, Tampa Bay put in one more run to tighten the second game of the Division Series.

Notably The Red Sox won the wild card ticket and the last time they won a Fall Classic after entering from the back door was in 2004, so they have an outstanding debt and Alex Verdugo may be their new amulet.

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