Alex Cora receives call from Bill Belichick: “That’s like the highlight of the year”

Alex Cora receives a call from Bill Belichick.

Lyou Red Sox have tied Division Series in view of Tampa Bay in the MLB playoffs, And although the victory is already important to continue in the fight to reach the World Series, for the Boston manager the best gift they have received is the call from Bill Belichick.

In an interview with the media, Cora revealed that before Game 3 she received a text message from Belichick wishing him luck to overcome the duel on Sunday, something that surprised the manager.

“That’s like the highlight of the year. I got the text message from this random area code. It’s great, to be honest with you, that someone of his status wishes us luck. “

Cora mentioned that it is not the first time that he receives something from the Patriots coach and that after the victory against Yankees in the wild card game, Belichick wrote to congratulate him.

This Sunday, the Red Sox will face the Rays in the Game 3 of the Series.

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