Abiodun Adegoke, 2.36, is the tallest player in history

Some videos of a campus of the campus of the Dubai MPAC Elite Youth League They have left the world of basketball shocked by the presence of a practically unstoppable African giant near the rim capable of crushing the ball at the rim without jumping.

Is about Abiodun
Adegoke, also known for ‘Big naija‘, an African player of uncertain age who has gained fame in the networks both for his matches and for his presence on social networks (Instagram and Tik Tok).

At 2.36 tall, Adegoke happens to be the tallest player in history beating legends of the ‘tallest’ world from another era like Alexander Sizonenko and Suleiman Ali Nashnush. These unusual dimensions have drawn the attention of US scouts in recent months, although it is unclear whether his physical condition would allow him a chance to compete in the best league in the world.

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