A historic Durant revives the Nets and puts the Bucks on the ropes

The Brooklyn Nets dressed as Basquiat last night and ended up witnessing all an artwork of its star Kevin Durant, who carried the team behind his back to overcome a deficit of 17 points with a historic performance by 49 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists in 48 minutes of play.

KD did not rest for a minute, and the locals needed him in each of them to defeat by 114-108 to some Milwaukee Bucks fighters, what do you see now 3-2 down in the tie Wisconsin road.

Durant’s performance, the fourth player in history to exceed 40 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists next to names like Oscar Robertson, Charles Barkley and Luka DoncicIn addition to being the only one to do it in a playoffs, it was memorable and gives encouragement to some Nets who look favorites for the title, but had said they were losing against a squad without as many physical problems as the Bucks.

The return of James Harden for the fifth game, forcing something after the Kyrie Irving injury, It was more spiritual than numericalAlthough Durant thanked him for the engagement second after the final honk. “Jeff was great, James made a great effort coming out to play”commented KD, who also referred to his full minutes in the game. “It wasn’t the plan, but I felt good, so I stayed on track.”

The match of Jeff GreenDurant specifically mentioned was also essential to the Nets’ comeback. With 27 points and a series of 7 of 8 in triples, their contribution started the local reaction in the meeting, which also had the good contribution of Blake griffin (17 points) and the flashes of Landry shamet (9) in the final section.

Harden, who returned after his muscular problems, was lacking in rhythm and ended with 5 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists on a 1-for-10 shooting from the field.

Milwaukee missed a golden opportunity to lead to Game 6 at Wisconsin after a landslide start in the first quarter with a partial of 15-29 on the scoreboard. After the break, to which the Bucks arrived with a +16 advantage (43-59), Mike Budenholzer’s team watched as KD put on the hero cape and began to scratch the gap with incredible shots, smart passes and an overwhelming intensity given his lack of rest in the match.

The third quarter turned out a give and take between KD and Giannis Antetokounmpo (11-9), who ended up losing the battle at the end of the game because of his poor efficiency from the free throw line. The Greek was punished again for his bad routine and the Nets fouls allowed the game to not be played with the clock running. Durant failed from the personnel line, in fact, what would have been your point 50 to round out one of his masterpieces.

Anteto ended with 34 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists as the visitors’ leader, but his 4-of-7 from the line made the difference when it mattered most. The match was equalized with the final honk of the third quarter (81-87) and soon KD and company achieved their first lead on the scoreboard since the initial 2-0. Was the 94-93 with 8:30 minutes to go the one who found the script change in the tie.

Anteto and Khris Middleton, author of 25 points and 5 assists, answered Durant’s stellar appearances until they could no longer. Two minutes from the end, the crash was matched 104-104. Both performed at a very high level, not enough to stop a player like KD on one of the best nights in his memory. With 50 seconds, Durant began to tip the balance with a trippy in suspension with exhausted possession. Then came the free throws, a loss of Anteto to 17 seconds of the end and the sentence from the staff. The Achilles heel is history for the Nets star, who he alone involved his teammates in the comeback operation after the blow of Irving’s discharge.

Milwaukee had the good work of Jrue Holiday (19 points and 8 assists) and the seniority of Brook lopez (15 points and 6 rebounds), but the match was resolved beyond the board thanks to that magic reserved for the best of the best. This game will be remembered for a long time, and Durant will be eternal.

The goal for both teams, beyond history, is already in the sixth game on Friday.

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