86-89: Efes reach the final despite a monumental collapse

The Anadolu efes has become the first finalist of the Euroleague 2020-2021 after a snub-nosed scare. As it happened twice in the quarter series against him Real Madrid, the Turkish team has been blocked in the last period to lose an income that had come to be of 21 points and if he has finally managed to defeat the CSKA Moscow it has been due to an error in three times Will clyburn in the final attack.

Nothing foreshadowed an end like the one experienced by the game when the Anadolu efes He has taken a 21-point lead at various times in the third quarter, the last 48-69 with twelve minutes remaining. Vasilje Micic I was acting as MVP with insulting authority, Sertac Sanli he dominated in the area and made all the free throws and the rest of the Istanbul team players contributed at times when their two great referents stood out less. In addition, the usual outstanding attack of Efes was joined this time by a very effective defense from which he was only able to escape Will clyburn, whose 15 points from the first half, however, had not prevented the CSKA went to the locker room 12 points down (37-49).

But the game changed completely from minute 28 on. An incredible dunk from Clyburn after advancing between Turkish defenders and a basket from the former ACB Iffe lundbergA great supporter of CSKA in the third quarter with 12 points, he propelled a 0-10 run for the Russians between the last two periods.

The difference had gone from twenty points to only ten (61-71) and Efes got the shit back in, which already led them to lose two games they had won at WiZink in their series with Real Madrid. Technician errors helped Ergin ataman, what did that Micic arrived tired to the last quarter after not giving him rest when the score allowed it and that he got into a strong argument with Shane larkin that descended for several minutes to the electric US base.

The CSKA he kept on rowing, leaning on the entrances to Hackett Y Clyburn, to get to just one point with 1:08 remaining (86-87). Beaubois Y Larkin they missed two shots in the next attack but Clyburn Y Hilliard Nor did they hit their triples to overtake CSKA. Larkin brought the Russians back to life when he missed one of the two free throws he took 7 seconds from time (86-88), but Clyburn, who had gotten everything from two (9/9) but almost nothing from three (1/5), made a mistake in the last attack, shot from beyond the arc to try to win the game and accumulated a new failure.

Larkin he took the rebound and missed one of his two free throws again, but with 5 tenths on the clock there was no time for more.

Data sheet

86 – CSKA Moscow (15 + 22 + 18 + 31): Hackett (17), Hilliard (-), Kurbánov (2), Eric (-), Shengelia (10) – starting team – Lundberg (15), Voigtmann (6 ), Strelnieks (2), Antónov (-), Ukhov (8) and Clyburn (26).

89 – Anadolus Efes (25 + 24 + 22 + 18): Micic (25), Simon (10), Sanli (19), Singleton (1) and Beaubois (15) -titling quintet- Larkin (11), Anderson (2 ), Dunston (-), Balbay (-), Moerman (6).

Referees: Sasa Pukl (SLO), Juan Carlos García (ESP), Gytis Vilius (LIT). Eliminated by fouls Micic and Lundberg.

Incidents: first semifinal of the Basketball Final Four played at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

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