83-73: Sergio Rodríguez leads Armani to third place

The Armani milan has taken the bad final call of consolation by beating 83-73 to the CSKA Moscow in the duel of the losers of the semifinals on Friday. Italians have leaned in the good direction of Sergio Rodriguez (14 points and 6 assists) and in his triple success (11/22) to dominate from the initial jump and take the victory against an opponent who has rotated their players a lot.

After the disappointment of losing in the semifinals, neither team approached the match for third place with excessive motivation. Ettore Messina decided to give rest to Malcolm Delaney Y Gigi datome while Dimitris Itoudis did the same with Daniel hackett, the two technicians already thinking about the playoff of their respective leagues that their teams must face in the coming days.

The Armani started a little more focused (10-5) but Lundberg Y Shengelia they soon matched the clash and even gave CSKA some advantage (14-18). The Italians regained control to go ahead at halftime (40-34) supported by their best aim in the triple (6/12) against a very unfortunate opponent in the outside shot (2/9) and who lost excessive balls (7).

The energy of Tornike shengelia at times endured CSKA before the apathy of Will clyburn (0 points after scoring 26 in the semifinals). A powerful mate from the former player of the Baskonia the reaction of the Russians culminated (49-49), who in spite of everything did not show constancy and again Armani more regular.

An 8-0 run to start the last quarter definitely took off the team from Ettore Messina (68-57), who went shortly after to a maximum advantage of 12 points after a technique to Itoudis (71-59). To the CSKA the triples began to hit him in his final attempt at reaction but it was too late.

Data sheet

83 – Olimpia Milan (20 + 20 + 20 + 23): Roll (11), Micov (14), Shields (11), Leday (7), Tarczewski (7) – starting five -; Punter (2), Moraschini (11), Rodríguez (14), Cinciarini (-), Brooks (-), Evans (1), Hines (5).

73 – CSKA Moscow (23 + 11 + 23 + 16): Ukohov (2), Shengelia (18), Kurbanov (8), Bolomboy (8), Lundberg (13) – starting five -; Khomenko (3), Hilliard (9), Antonov (-), Strelnieks (-), Voigtmann (12), Clyburn (-), Eric (-).

Referees: Juan Carlos Garcia (ESP), Mehdi Difallah (FRA) and Uros Nikolic (SER).

Incidents: Final for the third and fourth place of the Euroleague played at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

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