82 years after Lou Gehrig gave the most famous speech in baseball

Lou Gehrig giving his speech at Yankee Stadium.

SIt is 82 years since Lou gehrig gave the most famous speech in the baseball history and possibly sports. After being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, later to be known as ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease’), the legendary first baseman for the Yankees made his last public appearance.

The New York team organized a special event on July 4, 1939 to recognize one of his greatest idols, who He stood on the plate and now he took the mic to give the unforgettable speech of ‘the luckiest man on the face of the earth’.

“For the past two weeks, they have read about a stroke of bad luck, but Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I have been to baseball parks for 17 years and have only received kindness and support from the fans.

As you look around, wouldn’t you consider it a privilege to be associated with such a handsome group of men as the ones here in uniform in this stadium today? Sure, I’m lucky. Who wouldn’t consider it an honor to have met Jacob Ruppert? Or the creator of baseball’s greatest empire, Ed Barrow? Having spent six years with little friend Miller Huggins? Or having spent nine years with the great leader, that intelligent psychology student who is now the best manager in baseball, Joe McCarthy? Of course I am lucky.

When the New York Giants, a rival you would give an arm to beat and vice versa, send you a gift … it’s a big deal. When everyone from field managers to those in white coats remembers you with trophies … it’s a big deal. When you have a great mother-in-law who takes your side when there is an argument with her daughter … that’s something. When your father and mother, who worked their whole lives so that you can have an education and train your body … it is a blessing. When you have a wife who is a tower of strength and shows more courage than you ever imagined … that’s the best I know.

So I end by saying that I may have had a stroke of bad luck, but I have a lot to live for. Thank you”.

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