82-90 San Pablo cannot stop Manresa’s offensive power

Burgos, Nov 6 (EFE) .- Hereda San Pablo Burgos added a new defeat in the Endesa league against BAXI Manresa (82-90) in a match in which they could not stop the offensive power of a Manresa team that had at their base Sylvain Francisco as a reference with 28 points scored.

The losses and the lack of fluidity in the Burgos attack were other keys so that those of Zan Tabak did not opt ​​for a victory that at all times seemed safe for those of Pedro Martínez.

After an overwhelming start by Manresa with a 0-10 partial in which San Pablo failed to execute decent attacks, Tabak had to stop the game but it was of little use as Sylvain Francisco put the game very expensive for the Manresa, with 13 points in your private account.

The Burgos tried it based on triples with good success from several players although the Frenchman’s game made clear an advantage at the end of the first quarter (19-25).

San Pablo tried to come back but the entry into the field again by Francisco, who scored easily and made his teammates play, took away the chances of the Tabak team that returned to the break with a 10-point deficit.

The arbitration decisions starred in the third quarter that unhinged a San Pablo lacking claw on some occasions while those of Pedro Martínez continued to display a showy game that led them to dominate 17-point leads.

San Pablo came down from the psychological barrier of 10 points but without stopping Francisco in the final moments, 6 points from the Frenchman again put those of Tabak away on the scoreboard.

Good minutes for San Pablo at the beginning of the last quarter that led them to get very close on the scoreboard again, with a 6-point deficit thanks especially to the success of Renfroe and Benite.

But several losses followed by the local team again pushed the comeback options away and led the Burgos team to add the fourth consecutive defeat in the league.

Data sheet:

82-Inherit San Pablo Burgos (19 + 14 + 25 + 24): Kravic (13), Nikolic (0), Benite (19), Braimoh (9), Rabaseda (10) – starting position- Queeley (-), Salash (8), McGee (10), Renfroe (10) and Zack (0).

90-BAXI Manresa (25 + 21 + 26 + 18): Francisco (28), Jou (12), Moneke (10), Pérez (2) and Sima (10) -starting five – García (2), Steinberg (0 ), Martínez (0), Valtonen (3), Bako (12), Thomasson (11), Maye (0).

Referees: Calatrava, Manuel and Fernández.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 9 of the Endesa League held at the Coliseum Burgos before 7718 spectators.

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