82-76: Garuba revives Real Madrid’s champion breed

The Real Madrid has once again brought out his champion caste, with Usman Garuba exceptional, to defeat the Anadolu efes and return the series to Istanbul where next Tuesday the fifth and final game of the playoff of the Euroleague.

In a crazy party in which the Real Madrid started winning by 17-0, and who dominated the Anadolu efes until the last quarter, in which the team of Pablo Laso won by 25-10, the Madrid players once again gave a lesson in honor, desire, struggle, heart and faith.

The victory of Real Madrid last Tuesday did more damage to Anadolu efes than you could think. With the same approach in defense, zone 1-2-2 that transmuted to individual, and again without Walter Tavares, the Turkish team short-circuited, causing the Real Mad
rid put the score at 17-0! at 4.30 minutes into the game.

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Neither Shane larkin, neither Vasilije Micic, neither Rodrigue Beaubois, no one seemed to be able to break the curse that weighed on them. It was Krunoslav Simon the manager with a triple and from there the tables changed completely. In the Anadolu there was light, from the hand of Larkin and of Beaubois, and in the Madrid the most absolute darkness.

The first quarter ended 19-13. The problem came later. Larkin Y Beaubois, with two triples, tied the score 19-19, in the first minute of the second act.

Beaubois It became a real nightmare for Madrid, with 5 triples without failure and 19 points at halftime. Larkin He got 10 more points.

The partials after the first five minutes are terrifying. 17-34 in the second quarter and 19-47 in the last 15 minutes.

To all this, the Real Madrid He did not wrinkle, he tried to maintain his defensive level and be more effective in attack, although except for flashes of Rudy fernandez, Usman Garuba or Jaycee CarrollAt the beginning, each point cost a world.

After the initial 17-0, the Anadolu was the one of the first two games, dominating and almost unstoppable and the Madrid, also, with problems to score and without finding solutions at the same time that he was sinking in his frustration, especially with the 10 lost balls.

In the first few minutes, Real Madrid Y Anadolu they exchanged baskets, face to face, with Garuba Y Carroll especially incisive facing the basket, which allowed Madrid to return to the game with full rights, 51-55 (m.23.50).

The Real Madrid brought out his champion caste while he could, while Beaubois Y Larkin they followed their own, with the Anadolu making great defenses. A new 0-11 run in just over three minutes gave the Turkish team a great cushion on the scoreboard, 51-66.

All in all, the part of the third quarter was favorable for him Madrid by 21-19 for a 57-66 overall, which got rid of that feeling of absolute superiority of the Anadolu.

In the last ten minutes, a Real Madrid to the limit of forces and troops, because Trey thompkins He also retired with discomfort in his left knee, tried to counteract the superiority of the Anadolu, of troops, forces, game and marksmanship.

With a Garuba squandering the forces that Madrid almost did not have, he put fear in his body when Anadolu approaching just two points, 71-73 with 2.25 minutes to go, based on heart, courage and desire.

A triple of Alberto abalde gave Madrid an advantage, 74-73, which Micic equalized from the personnel shot in less than a minute and a half. Llull, also from the staff, put the 76-76.

Llull Y Larkin they missed triple throws and from the personnel throw Rudy, Larkin, Llull Y Garuba they put the final 78-76.

Madrid brought out their champion breed and earned the right to defend their luck in a fifth and final match in Istanbul next Tuesday.

Data sheet

82 – Real Madrid (19 + 17 + 21 + 25): Alocén (3), Carrol (20), Abalde (7), Tyus (7) and Garuba (24) -the starting five- Causeur, Rudy Fernández (8), Llull (8), Laprovittola, Taylor, Thompkins (5) and Reyes.

76 – Anadolu Efes (13 + 34 + 19 + 10): Beaubois (23), Sanli, Moerman, Micic (9) and Simon (6) -the starting quintet- Larkin (22), Anderson (3), Dunston (8) and Singleton (5).

Referees: Sreten Radovic (CRO), Olegs Latisevs (LET) and Milan Nedovic (SLO). Without eliminated.

Incidents: Fourth game of the playoff for the title played behind closed doors at the Palacio de Deportes (WiZik Center) in Madrid.

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