79-84: Casademont crashes against Pinar Karsiyaka

The Casademont
Saragossa crashed into the physical strength of the Pinewood
Karsiyaka Turkish and could not access the Champions League final, falling back into the semifinals as happened in the last edition in which he lost against the host, AEK from Athens.

Again the Aragonese team was at the gates of a final with which they dreamed the victim of their own mistakes in the final stretch of the game that were well used by their rival.

After trailing the first two quarters with many problems due to the intensity and strength of the team Ufuk
Sarica He reacted after the break and seemed to be on track with his opponent who had lost the north, but in the last five minutes he was very misguided and ended up bending the knee.

The Pinewood
Karsiyaka had the virtue of preventing Casademont
Saragossa, who could barely score on the counter, his best weapon, and also had a great success in the triples (57.14%) that ended up being key to the victory of the Turks.

The Casademont
Saragossa he got off to a bad start with positional attacks that were outmatched by the Turkish defense and he didn’t have the chance to run almost at any time either. In addition, the Aragonese defense could not stop their opponent who was very successful in the triples (55.56%) with Sek
Henry (4 out of 4) and 13 points as an ottoman stiletto.

Things changed in the second set thanks to a good defensive improvement from the men of Lewis
Casimir that during five minutes they managed to keep their rival from scoring, placing themselves within three points (29-32).

However, the return to track of Sek
Henry In his rival everything changed because with two consecutive triples he managed to disrupt the excellent work behind the Zaragozans who suffered a partial 5-12 to reach the break with a worrying 33-43.

The refreshment time clarified the ideas of the hands that clenched their teeth back and flexed their legs so that their rival began to have serious offensive problems to the point of receiving a 27-14 partial in this quarter because also, offensively, the Casademont had the clearest ideas and a better vision of his offensive plays with a Jacob
Wiley very successful.

The progression continued at the beginning of the last act, reaching a 7-point lead (64-57) but the “rojillo” team seemed to run out of gas and from the middle of this quarter began to make bad decisions in attack, possibly the result the lack of oxygen, and his rival came back when he seemed touched and half sunk until he ended up taking the victory and the pass to the final.

(+) See the summary of Casademont Zaragoza – Pinar Karsikaya

Summary of Casademont Zaragoza - Pinar Karsiyaka (79 - 84) of the Basketball Champions League

Data sheet

79 – Casademont Zaragoza (17 + 16 + 27 + 19): San Miguel (2), Ennis (13), Brussino (18), Harris (15), Wiley (21) -starting five- Sulaimon (5), Barreiro ( -), Benzing (3), Javi García (-) and Hlinason (2).

84 – Pinar Karsiyaka (29 + 14 + 14 + 27): Sek Henry (24), Taylor (12), Kennedy (4), Morgan (14), M’Baye (17) -starting five- Bitim (5), Birsen (6), Agva (-), Erden (2), Sonsirma (-) and Yildirim (-).

Referees: Viator (France), Zurapovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Liszka (Poland). They excluded Brussino (m.39) and Rodrigo San Miguel (m.40) by personnel.

Incidents: match corresponding to the semifinals of the final of the “Final to Eight” of the Champions League, played at the Nagorny Cultural Complex in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). Rodrigo San Miguel became the player with the most matches played in the Champions League with 77.

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