76-61: Perfumerías Avenida wins the League

The Perfumeries Avenue won this Thursday in Salamanca to the Valencia
Basket (76-61) in a great defensive game by the Salamanca, which has earned them their seventh League female, while the Valencians were too erratic, both in defense and attack.

During the first 20 minutes, the two teams were even, like the rest of the games that the two teams have played this season. From minute five of the third quarter and, especially, in the last quarter, the Salamancans closed the defense and flew in attack, and the Valencians fell into a pothole from which they could not get out.

The first quarter started like the rest of the games played by the two teams, with the same intensity, with the same system as in the other two games of the final, although Valencia began ahead of the game in effectiveness, with a triple of Allen that led to Roberto Íñiguez to call the first time out with a 2-9.

From that moment, Avenida began to close the defensive rebound and have more success in the shot, especially from Hayes and Silvia Domínguez, in addition to a triple by Mayte. Cazorla, in the absence of two minutes that put Salamanca ahead.

The attacks won the defenses in this first quarter, with great equality both in play and in effectiveness, with a certain offensive madness in which all the players put what they threw.

Valencia started the second quarter with a zonal defense to avoid the game of Samuelson, although Leo Rodríguez quickly broke it with two consecutive triples, which led Rubén Burgos to request a time-out at the minute of play.

But from that moment on, the Perfumerías Avenida had its best moments, with triples from Hayes, Silvia Domínguez or Mayte Cazorla, which made the Salamancans go on the scoreboard nine points of difference (37-28) with five remaining minutes.

However, the Valencians managed to recover, hand in hand with Queralt Casas and maintained the differences between four and six points until they went to rest with a 42-37.

The return of the changing rooms made Valencia Basket resume the game with force in defense and with more success in attack, which led to it reducing the difference to two points thanks to an unsportsmanlike offense by Hof made at Trahan-Davis with four minutes to go, although Mayte Cazorla and Katie Samuelson He returned the tranquility to the Salamanca with two consecutive triples.

Not even with a technique to Roberto Íñiguez prevented me from reducing the differences, especially since the Valencia Basket did not hit his shot, neither inside nor outside, and, above all, Perfumerías Avenida’s game continued to be intense in defense and agile and efficient in attack, which maintained a 57-50 score.

The last quarter with some errors in defense by the Valencians, while the Salamancans continued to do their thing, very tight under their hoop and in which Silvia Domínguez directed the game with intelligence.

In the absence of 6.40 the Avenue went on the scoreboard with 12 points difference and the Valencia Basket committed too many errors in defense and erratic in the shot.

From that moment, the Salamancans insisted on their strong defense, while the Valencians did not have their night and little by little the difference on the scoreboard was widening until in the end the Perfumerías Avenue he overcame a tough and brilliant match, which was worth him to achieve his seventh Spanish League.

The match ended amidst the excitement of the fans to achieve this seventh Spanish League, with Katie Lou Samuelson as the most valuable player of the match.

Data sheet

76 – Perfumerías Avenida (20 + 22 + 15 + 19): Silvia Domínguez (10), Hayes (7), K. Samuelson, L. Samuelson (11) and Hof (7) -starting five- Alarie (14), Cazorla (10), Vilaró, Leo Rodríguez (9) and Milic (8).

61 – Valencia Basket (23 + 14 + 13 + 11): Ouviña (11), Casas (2), Allen (14), Trahan-Davis (12) and Gulich (4) -starting five- Gómez (7), Romero (6), Carrera (3), Pina (2), Segura and Juskaite.

Referees: Javier García, Eric Carrera and Javier Ávila.

Pavilion: Last match of the Endesa League final played in the Salamanca pavilion in Würzburg, before 700 people due to the control of capacity for the measures to face the pandemic. Among those attending the meeting were the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, or the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig.

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