75-41: Spain takes a run against Turkey in Valencia

The Spanish women’s basketball team added this Thursday its third victory in a row in the preparation phase for the Eurobasket 2021 and, with a great offensive and defensive deployment and driven by a 29-3 run between the end of the initial quarter and the third, he signed against Turkey his most placid victory in the first of the two friendlies he will play in Valencia, which will be its headquarters throughout the European tournament that will start on Thursday.

A triple Sunrise
Torrens opened the clash and announced a Spanish offensive gale that was reached with a great circulation of the ball and that forced the Turkish coach, who had the important loss of the nationalized Quanitra
Hollingsworth, to stop the game.

But two steals with a suffocating defense at the start of the timeout ended up opening the gap (16-4, m.4). The Turkish team tried to change the script with alternative defenses but the departure of Leo
Rodriguez He further reinforced the success of Spain from the outside shot (32-15, m.12).

Far from relaxing due to their clear dominance of the match, the Spanish team grew and, with an agile rotation of Luke
Mondelo, increased his defensive intensity by one point and left almost five minutes without scoring Turkey, which only added three points in the entire second quarter.

Laia Palau leading an attack

Laia Palau leading an attack

The appearance of Laura
Gil Y Raquel
Race to play the direct block he finished shooting at the locals before the break (44-18, m.20).

Nothing changed after the break and, in fact, Turkey, suffocated by the Spanish defense and, no longer confident, completed sixteen minutes in total with those three points that she added in the second quarter, between the end of the first and the beginning of the third, and the score went from 25-15 in the minute 9 to 54-18 at 24.

A timid improvement by Turkey, which took place in ten points in the final stretch of the third quarter, did not prevent the distance from remaining in the vicinity of thirty points because Spain added three in three with Leo Rodriguez and Maite Carzorla.

The quiet end of the game allowed Mondelo invest minutes in integrating Astou Ndour, the last of the intentions to join and roll the players at the end of the rotation without the advantage falling and to definitively leave behind the two initial defeats against France at the start of the preparation.

Data sheet

75 – Spain (28 + 16 + 15 + 16): Ouviña (5), Palau (2), Torrens (12), Gil (14), Ndour (9) -five starters- Casas (2), Domínguez (6) , Cazorla (3), Rodríguez (10), Conde (4), Carrera (8) and Abalde (-)

41 – Turkey (15 + 3 + 10 + 13): Bilgiç (5), Çaglar Ökten (4), Çakir Turgut (6), Yildizhan (2), Güçlü (2) -five starters- Akbas (-), Canitez ( 11), Fitik (2), Gülcan (-), Stokes (7), Yavas (-), and Onar (2).

Referees: Zamorano, Torres and Mendoza. Without eliminated.

Incidents: friendly match corresponding to an international triangle played in the pavilion of the Fuente de San Luis de València, whose capacity was reduced by health measures against COVID 19, and which was attended by about 800 spectators.

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