72-61: The women’s team brings out the character and surpasses France

The Spanish women’s team took advantage of this first Olympic trial against France for mental recovery after the setback of the Eurobasket and it worked out well. Those of Mondelo edged the continental runner-up 72-61 facing Astou’s loss Ndour, who will join in the next few days after his WNBA stage, already with an injury to Cristina
Ouviña that he did not play the final stretch due to knee discomfort. Dominguez and Laura Gilmoreover, they were discarded.

With this outlook, it was the character and the confidence that little by little the team was gaining that helped them overcome difficulties and impose themselves on a more physically gifted rival who is also in a delicate emotional situation after the constant lost finals.

Queralt Casas looking for a combination.  EFE / Daniel Pérez

Queralt Casas looking for a combination. EFE / Daniel Pérez

Losses and problems controlling the rebound marked the start of Spain that was rebuilt thanks to the leadership of Torrens. The advantages of up to four points (16-12) vanished with a streak of triples by Johannes between the end of the first quarter and the second but the return to the track of Torrens again raised the tone of the Spanish team that lost 30-34 at halftime.

France took off in the restart with triples by Johannes and counterattacks until 32-41 but Spain took character and with Torrens of leader and Race, Cazorla Y Count following her he managed to equalize at the end of the quarter (47-47) and advance in the last.

Data sheet

72 – Spain (16 + 14 + 23 + 19): Alba Torrens (19), Laia Palau (2), Maite Cazorla (14), Tamara Abalde (0), Raquel Carrera (9) -the starting five-, Ouviña (5 ), Leo Rodríguez (2), Queralt Casas (4), María Conde (14), Quevedo (0).

61 – France (15 + 19 + 19 + 8): Miyem (12), Fauthoux (6), Gruda (8), Williams (6), Vukosavlje (6) -the starting five-, Chartereau (0), Ciak (8 ), Michel (0), Rupert (1), Tadic (), Johannes (14), Pouye (0).

Referees: Francisco Araña Santana, Alberto Sánchez Sixto, Esperanza Mendoza Holgado

Incidents: friendly match in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, played at the José María Martín Carpena Pavilion in front of 2,600 spectators.

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