60-59: Wembanyama cannot with Spain

The Spanish under-19 team overcame a bad start to the game against France and ended up winning in overtime by 60-59 with great suffering.

The Spanish team took almost 5 minutes to score their first points and France he got a 0-10 that weighed like a slab. The 0-7 triples in the first quarter didn’t help either.

Little by little the team of Javier
Zamora He adjusted his game and in the 25th minute managed to equalize the score at 34.

In the last quarter, with 3 minutes to go, the state team dominated 52-44, but the nerves and inaccuracies returned and France managed to equalize to 52 and that the party went to an extension.

The French team went ahead, but this time their nerves were controlled and 3 seconds to the end of the additional 5 minutes Ruben
Dominguez he made two free throws for the first victory of the championship.

Dominguez, 14 points, and Millan
Jimenez, 10, were the highlights in the annotation, while the French Victor
Wembanyama, with 22 points, he was the man of the match.

The next game for the Spaniards will be on Tuesday, July 6 against Korea, in principle the weakest team in group C.

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